We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of
thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein was onto something when he said this.  We are living with the consequences of our current thinking and it’s not pretty.  We are experiencing a systemic collapse of the many systems we have come to rely on every day.  Our social system, health system, financial system and the justice system; along with the systemic collapse of our plant and animal biodiversity.  What we have been feeling and thinking is no longer serving us.  

It’s time for a change.  It’s time for us to take a new path.

A new paradigm in the way we see and navigate the world, where we leave the degenerative way of extracting and degrading our planet into a regenerative way of giving back more than we take to our living systems, creating a thriving world for all.

We need to unlearn our old thoughts and behaviours to create new ones.  Actions that don’t scratch the surface and band-aid the problems but go to the deep causes of our problems.  We need a holistic approach, a new personal operating system that is nested within a new global operating system.

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We need a new global operation system, the current operating system is broken.  We are experiencing a social and ecological collapse that we cannot stop.  What we can do is create a new operating system.  One that is regenerative in nature.  That sees the potential, understands the cycles and recognises that everything is interconnected.

We can let the old broken system die, leaving space for the birth of a new system.  We take the best bits of the existing system and use them to grow a new system.  A system where we show up with purpose, potential and connection.  Using living systems principles we can create a brighter life-affirming future, we just need to create the conditions that are conducive to life.

By putting life, and thrivability for life at the centre we can create flourishing people, organisations and environments.  By putting life at the centre, we can get to the root causes of our planetary crises.  By understanding that we are all interconnected, interbeings on this planet, and not separated from each other or nature we have the opportunity to create the world we are all longing for.

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How would you be?  What would I do?  These are great questions along with why am I here, and what is my purpose.  To create a new personal operating system we need a new worldview that has purpose and meaning.

When we show up with purpose we receive the gift of meaning.  Purpose has many benefits to both the individual and any type of organisation, group or team.

Humans are nested in nature that has a purpose and we have an opportunity to reconnect with our purpose and nature.  We exist to help individuals, groups, teams and organisations uncover their purpose, mission, impact, vision and values; so we create a new global operating system that is generative and life-affirming for all.

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